Jet Drive

The adventure begins the second you start up a Yamaha Jet Drive four stroke. Propeller-free and powerful, these nimble four strokes boldly go where no conventional outboard would dare. Skinnies. Shallows. Rocky-bottom rivers. Sandbars. Shoals. Rapids. They’d all prove treacherous for a propeller driven outboard, but a jet drive is all over it. Lightweight, versatile and quiet, our jet drive four strokes come in a wide range of horsepower options to fit your boat and application. Think of them as the SUV of outboards.

Start exploring now—by taking a look at the unique advantages of Yamaha Jet Drive four strokes:

Incredible Maneuverability

With no gearcase or propeller extending below the hull, a jet drive allows you to maneuver around or pass over obstructions that would limit the travel of a conventional, propeller driven outboard.

Fuel Efficiency

Yamaha jet drives are amazingly fuel efficient.

Amazingly Quiet

Sneak up on the fish. Yamaha jet drives are incredibly quiet.

Incredible Coverage

Yamaha covers its jet drive powerheads with a Three-Year Limited Warranty and jet pump systems with a Two-Year Limited Warranty for pleasure use.
Yamaha Jet Drive outboards are truly a different breed. Let’s take a look at the engineering that makes them so unique.